‘Let us introduce ourselves’


Roseworld is a rose nursery based in Holland. We are specialized in cultivating high quality roses with high decorative value. Founders Dave van Leeuwen and Jos Volkering started the company back in 2003. The greenhouse complex has a total surface of 40.000m² and is equipped with the latest technologies in organic crop protections, lightning, climate control and sorting facilities. Roseworld produces an extra large white rose named: White Naomi! We deliver this top quality rose all year round.

By using modern technology and a continuous production process we guarantee a stable quality of our roses. The rose ‘White Naomi!’ grows within an 8-week cycle. Throughout these 8 weeks the rose plant develops multiple new rose stems. We choose quality over quantity by forcing the plant to develop 2 or 3 new stems instead of 4 or 6. This allows the energy to be divided into less stems, which results in heavier and larger roses.

Around 45.000 fresh roses are being processed and sold on a daily base. In less than 24 hours after the harvest they find their way into the worldwide flower market. In addition, our MPS-A certificate shows our social responsibility for human and nature and is top priority to our company.