‘Unique fragrant roses suitable for multiple purposes’


Roseworld offers two different product lines. The ‘Allure’ line and the ‘Grey’ line. Each line has its own quality requirements and classifications. By using the latest 3D camera technology we are able to sort our roses with even better accuracy and precision.


The ’GREY’ line contains White Naomi! roses that meet the high standard quality requirements. This line is daily available in different quality classifications and is recognized by (dark)grey cardboard packaging

Available lengths: 80cm – 70cm – 60cm – 55cm – 50cm – 40cm
Available Quality: A1, A2 & B1-quality
Quantity per packaging: 40 stems

Head size: ++++
Flower petals: ++++
Stem thickness: ++++
Vase life: +++++
Fragrance: +++++

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